A Centre for Excellence

Straits Construction’s humble choice of the name TOOLBOX for its facility belies the host of creative activities behind its doors. It was officially launched on 25 March 2015. A first in the building construction industry, TOOLBOX is an innovation lab where we apply modern technology to produce or fabricate formwork, structures, and sub-assemblies used in the construction process. Here, we also develop and pilot new production techniques that can improve the quality and reliability of our products as well as new technological applications that can automate construction processes to reduce risks of accidents and enhance pace of construction. For example, we installed an automated fabrication facility which enables us to fabricate pre-assembled steel reinforcement with greater precision and quality consistency. It not only optimises our production capacity in a healthier and safer working environment but also enhances customer satisfaction.

TOOLBOX is also our Centre of Excellence where our workers attend upgrading courses and hands-on skills enhancement workshops.

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