Safety & Health

Keeping the Family Safe

We value our workers; their welfare and well-being are our top priority. At the cornerstone of our corporate culture is our mandate to help protect and preserve the safety and health of our workers. For Straits Construction, the issue of safety and health is more important than profits. That is why we stand tall among our peers with comprehensive safety practices across all projects and set better safety records in the industry.

On the very first day of work at any construction site, all workers have to religiously attend the Safety Induction Course. We believe that only with acute awareness of greater project safety requirements can we aim for zero accidents. Toolbox meetings and risk assessment briefings are conducted every morning to get the workforce alert and vigilant on various pertinent elements of workers’ safety awareness.

Having harnessed advanced technology and automated machines, manual involvement is significantly reduced and its related hazards are eliminated. For example, the use of high-powered water jets to wash aluminium formwork components. Overall productivity increases and the workers' morale is boosted.

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