Integrated Construction and Prefabrication Hub

Enhancing capabilities

Straits Construction secured a contract from the Building & Construction Authority in May 2014 to build and operate an Integrated Construction and Prefabrication Hub (ICPH). Only the second ICPH to be awarded under a public tender, this new state-of-the-art highly automated plant occupies 2 hectares of industrial land at Kaki Bukit.

This is one of the key initiatives the government has introduced to upgrade the productivity of the construction industry by adopting highly productive technology and automation.

Completed in 2017, the plant will have an annual production capacity of more than 60,000 m3 of precast components, much more than what a conventional precast yard can produce with the same factory space. In addition to precast concrete production, the ICPH will also produce prefabricated bath units (PBU) which Straits Construction will manufacture under a Licensed Agreement with a major Italian PBU producer. The ICPH will enable Straits Construction to become a major supplier of precast components to the industry, thereby enhancing our competitiveness. It will also add another dimension to our business and generate significant new revenue streams.

For more details on ICPH, please click here to visit website of our wholly owned subsidiary, Greyform.

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