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Suria Binte Abdul Rahman

Manager (Quality and Service)

“I want to build beautiful homes for homeowners.” This sums up Suria’s motivation at work. To her, the definition of a beautiful home is one that is both functional and safe.

Suria’s work has various dimensions. She conducts internal audits as well as in-house training for site personnel. As an assistant manager in the Quality and Service Department, the onus is on Suria to ensure that the units are in pristine condition before handover. From functionality of doors to alignment of walls, all elements have to be in tip-top shape.

Suria’s team has been instrumental in bolstering the company’s reputation. Findings as well as best practices discovered during the audits are shared in reports. Her team also holds regular meetings with personnel to collect feedback. All these efforts have yielded stellar results: Straits Construction’s Queenstown RC24 was the first-ever HDB project to achieve a CONQUAS score of above 90.

In 2006, Suria began her career at Straits Construction as a fresh engineering graduate. Even as a new face, she had always felt included. Her seniors had a wealth of knowledge they were only eager to share and very quickly she learnt the ropes. “Whenever I have a question, I can just approach any of my colleagues.” She attributes such open communication as one of the keys to Straits Construction’s success.

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