Management Trainee Programme

Every Opportunity to Learn

Launched in 2011, our Management Trainee Programme is unique in the building industry, and establishes Straits Construction as a thought leader in scouting for talent for the purpose of jumpstarting and guiding their careers in an industry of hard knocks. We seek out talent in tertiary schools, locally and overseas, offering them the opportunity to be placed in a one-year work study scheme where they would attend relevant courses recognised by the building and construction industry, supplemented by on-the-job training under the supervision of project managers. The trainees are rotated across the various disciplines in order to expose them to the whole range of construction practices and skills. Since the launch, we have recruited three batches of trainees and our retention rate of 73 per cent has been very encouraging. In an industry where the labour market is tight and the cost of labour is increasing rapidly, our innovative Management Trainee Programme has proven to be effective in recruiting and retaining talents, sustainably.

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