Queenstown RC14

Project Info

A Place to Call Home

Queenstown RC14

The Scale:

2 blocks of 40-storey and 3 blocks of 30-storey towers with two-and-a-half-storey basement car park; 996 units

The Peaks:

It was the start of many innovative approaches with the introduction of the self-climbing perimeter access platform and pre-fab toilet which enhanced the pace of construction.

The Rewards:

BCA Construction Excellence Award
BCA Best Buildable Design Award
HDB Quality Award
HDB Safety Award

Feel the Beat of the Heartlands

In the early years, Straits Construction was involved with many milestones in the history of the Housing & Development Board (HDB). One of the most memorable has to be in Queenstown, the nation’s first satellite town, where we helped to build HDB’s second development involving 40-storey residential blocks. The project entailed the construction of 2 blocks of 40-storey and 3 blocks of 30-storey towers. Relishing the challenge of constructing the multi-tower blocks for the first time, we deployed innovative construction concept and equipment, enabling us to complete the project successfully. We were notably recognised for introducing two acclaimed innovations which were used for the very first time in the construction industry. The first was the use of a self-climbing perimeter access platform for the external walls, replacing the traditional external scaffolding system. The platform which extended around the perimeter of the building could be moved mechanically up and down the external façade, thus expediting the construction of the external walls.

Another first was the deep basement construction for a HDB multi-storey carpark. The deep basement was located in close proximity to the MRT viaduct and imposed great challenges to the engineering design and construction works.

Extensive use of Precast Technology and innovative concepts enabled us to increase labour productivity, improve quality of constructions works and enhance safety of workers. Indeed, we were recognised by BCA with several awards including BCA Construction Excellence Award, BCA Best Buildable Award, HDB Quality Award and HDB Safety Award.


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