Green is in Us

At Straits Construction, we build communities that are sustainable and liveable. Adhering to guidelines laid down by the Building Construction and Authority (BCA), we have adopted sustainable construction practices focusing on the use of alternative materials and recycling materials for construction.

Over the years, we have strived to reduce the use of some major resources, for example replacing concrete whenever possible with steel and dry walls. We also recycle the excess concrete for other construction purposes such as roadside kerbs and concrete slabs.

In recognition of our sustainable construction efforts across all projects, we were conferred the "Star" award in 2014 under the BCA’s Green and Gracious Builder Scheme. The Kovan Regency project has presented excellent and out-of-the-box moves such as using excess construction materials to build recreational facilities - a multi-purpose court, table-tennis table and gym equipment with pre-fabricated concrete planks, timber materials and surplus recycled concrete respectively. Lush greenery greeting everyone at the entrance of the workplace compound has been initiated at all projects. We have also set up a garden plot wherein workers can plant vegetables and indulge in farming activities. This is a good form of relaxation after a long and hard day at work.

Environmental consciousness is embedded in all our projects. Lush green spaces, well-designed landscapes, and innovations in natural resources conservation such as waste water recycling for watering of plants and vegetation are common features.

We recently added another green notch to our belt when we joined the Solar PV movement. Installed at TOOLBOX, a facility that houses our innovation lab and training centre, the Solar PV system would effectively generate more than 525MW of clean renewable energy over 20 years, and reduce more than 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Green is in us!

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