Community & Society

Just Doing Our Part

Inspired by the vision of founder Wong Swee Chun, Straits Construction has from the beginning embedded community service into our business model. We build homes to enliven communities, and our hearts are especially closest to the disadvantaged individuals, especially children, in the community.

Since 2011, Straits Construction has adopted Club Rainbow (Singapore) as our partner in community outreach. Club Rainbow supports children who are suffering from chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses. These children have to cope with their illnesses and its effects as they try to lead as close to a normal life as possible.

Hand-in-hand with Club Rainbow, we organise outreach activities where our staff volunteer their time and talents to engage and uplift these children. Through these activities our staff not only bring cheer and joy to the children but also expand their capacity to have compassion and empathy for them. Straits Construction plans to leverage our building expertise, and contribute materials and manpower to renovate and remodel Club Rainbow’s premises. With better facilities, the organisation will be better able to serve the Rainbow children and their families.

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