Chairman's Message

Promises We Keep

I founded the company in 1969 when Singapore was an infant nation state. Looking back, the early days were exciting. From the start, our focus was on delivering quality work for every project, with no delays. The initial construction projects with Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) were modest in scope and scale, but we slowly gained their trust and confidence, and began getting bigger projects. As Singapore grew to be a thriving economy, we were growing too.

Along the way there were many challenges, and we had to be courageous in our decision-making. We had a good team who were motivated to work hard, and to think strategically for the future. We knew we had to plan our moves well.

A new era in construction began at the turn of the millennium. As the company grew, we looked for ways to improve productivity. Technology and new processes raised our efficiency. We expanded into other market segments beyond residential to commercial and mixed development projects. We challenged ourselves to seize opportunities and to diversify our product offerings, such as the production of precast concrete.

At every progress, we stand steadfast to our business philosophy and continue to uphold our core values. Above all, we are a company that can be trusted to honour its commitments. Trust is a priceless asset.

Over the years, we have been blessed with the support and assistance of numerous partners, many of whom have become lifelong friends. I am indebted to them. Indeed, I treasure the contributions of our staff, past and present, for their loyal support, hard work and sacrifices, without which Straits Construction could not be what it is today. We endeavour to repay this commitment by enhancing the success of our customers, partners and employees.

Wong Swee Chun

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